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January 09, 2009


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Love it and yes you have way too much ribbon and yes admitting it is the first step!


good for you for taking the first step on admitting your

what a cool idea!!

Wendy Bond

That must of taken you forever! I love it! thanks for the idea for next time!

Ashley Newell

Very cool! My mom loves journals and I plan to make some for her birthday, so I may be using this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!


Oh, my goodness...that is fantastic! Love the ribbon idea!

Charlene Austin

Hello! I love this. Putting ribbon on a journal is brilliant. And yes, I have a love affair with ScorPal tape right now too. Got some on the cruise and OH MY it is the best. Have a great day. Love ya!!

Kate B

What a great idea! I think I have enough ribbon to make about 100 of these!!!!
Such a cute project!


I love this and I really love how professionally finished it looks on the inside as well. Great job. Oh and by the way, know such thing as too much ribbon (says the girl with over 450 rolls now....LOL)


I'm on that way too much ribbon list too! Really like how this turned out. Can you tell me how you covered the top and bottom edges of the journal? Or was the journal a color that blended enough to not cover them? I'm having a hard time telling/figuring it out. What a great idea! If I can figure that last part out, I think I'll make one for Mom for Mother's Day this year!! :>

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