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October 25, 2009


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These are fantastic. I love the snow hills.

Kelly Schirmer

LOVELY! Love the velum snowbanks!

Jen A

Love it! Great velum snow!

Banu H

Really nice. Loved the vellum for snow.

Rebecca J.

I really like the little snowdrifts you created. They look great....cold, but great!


i liked that you stamped onto patterned paper--i never think to do that--tfs!

Diane Jaquay

These are so CUTE! Love your "snow"!

Lori M

These are beautiful!!!

Tenia Nelson

Love it!!!!! tfs!!

Stampin Pam

Maria I LOVE these place cards - how super cute and I love how the trees peek over the tops - you also have LOVELY handwriting - these will make a festive table top for sure.

Michelle in Boise

I need to make placecards this year - -good idea. LOL @ channeled your inner PineFeather -- that's cute.


Uber adorable! Tell David I said Hi!


What fun placecards!

Marge R.

These are just the sweetest & I LOVE those vellum snow drifts!!!

Linda W

Really pretty. Love your snow drifts.

Bonnie Sharp

Brilliant idea! and of course I don't have this set - dang it!!!


These are gorgeous! The stamped vellum snowdrifts look awesome!


Oh these are so CUTE! Love the snow vellum you added!


great place cards which could be made into coordinating greeting cards too! TFS :)

Heidi S

That's a really pretty card. It is so soft and sweet.

Babies- Beth

Such cute place cards!!

Lizzie  Jones

These are incredibly cute! I may have to find a reason to put out place cards sometime soon just so I can do something similar. I guess, just for fun, I could dress up a random weeknight dinner. Hmmm...


Lovely place cards! Great job dipping into your old goodies!

Dru Cabral

Awesome job - very cute!!

Katie in UT

LOVE the snow!!! Definitely much better than the real kind! Time to break out some snowy stamps!

Kim FAucher

so very cute!! Love the snow addition!


Beautiful Maria. I love the vellum snowdrifts!

Michele aka DerbyLea


Linda L

There are just so special! What a pretty table you're going to have!


Beautiful, what a great treatment for the vellum!


LOVE it GF!!!!


What a great table decoration! Love the vellum snowy hills!


These are awesome!! I love how you took the tree off the card and added the button to the top!

Elizabeth S.

These are great!!


Oh what darling little place holder cards! I love your color combo & that vellum stamped with snowflakes is beautiful! :) TFS


Ooooh, very sweet! LOVE your PC idea!!

Jennifer Holmes

These are adorable! Great job!

Lisa Henke

this is wondeful. love your rolling hills of vellum.


Very pretty! Love your handwriting, too.

Amy Wanford

So pretty! I love your vellum hills and I'm so jealous of your incredibly stylish handwriting! ;D

Regan it girl!


Oh these are so adorable!! I love the vellum snow!!!


Absolutely gorgeous! I love the little extra bit of detail that you got by stamping on the patterned paper.


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