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April 01, 2011


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comeback to we need an intervention??

This is fantastic..I miss you!

Charlene Austin

You made me tear up. Seriously.

Skype? OMG I can't imagine having to worry about what I look like when being a slug at home. It ain't pretty. But this card sure as hell is!! I love love love it.

And I love you.

Wendy Bond

SERIOUSLY.....I can hardly type as I am crying so hard!!!! We miss you terribly!!
And 28 lbs is amazing girl!!!! Keep going...I fall off the diet train regularly!!
LOVE the card!!!

Deanna Woodland

Gasp I love it! We love you too and we need to trade skype id's!


Hey Girl...GREAT card! I am so proud of you, 28 lbs that is fantastic as is your card and you!! Take care and cant wait to peek in on you and the loonies in the future! It has been a blast

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